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JavaScript development system

npm install -g roc@next


Powered by npm

Use established open source libraries from npm instantly without all the glue-code.


Handle all your apps and components in a consistent way between teams.


Roc bundles your favourite modern development technologies into extensions ready for use.


Easy to use tooling provides commands like build, develop and test.

Developer Experience

Roc extensions provide the best developer experience out of the box.

Dynamic Configuration

Dedicated configuration system that integrates directly with the Roc CLI makes your life simple.

Reduce boilerplate

The versioned extensions embed boilerplate so that it does not pollute your application.

React + Redux

One of the most developed extensions provides a great starting point for a universal web application using React, React Router and Redux.

Get started


Make sure you have node 4.x+ and npm 3.x+ on your system.

npm install -g roc@next

Create redux and react project

mkdir react-app
cd react-app
roc init web-app-react

Start development mode

roc dev


See possible commands
roc dev --help
Build for production
roc build

Start in production

roc start


Is this production ready?

It is in active development, but please start experimenting today!

Will this be abandoned tomorrow?

No! VG have a long plan for Roc going forward.

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